Our student committee is responsible for the running of the society and organisation of the events.

Hetesh Pal


Hetesh is a second year Aerospace Engineering student, his role as President includes leading the society and coordinating all their activity.
He has been a member of AeroSoc since his first year, and is also the Student Representative for Aerospace Engineering students as well as a scholarship ambassador for the University.
His vision is to take the society to greater heights of success by making it a more active part of the members lives.

Sarbik Banerjea

Vice President

Sarbik is a Fourth Year Aerospace Engineering international student from India. His roles includes overall management and ensuring the society runs smoothly with the vision of the President in mind. He is responsible for everyone in the society except the President. He hopes that this is a new age in this society as we hope achieve greater heights.
He has been with Aerosoc since his third year at the University but has been an active member in election of members since his second year. He was previously the Careers officer for the term 2015-2016. He is also a PASS leader, a student ambassador at the University and is also an active member of ENACTUS Manchester.

Tom Lewis

General Secretary

Tom is a third year Aerospace Engineering student and has been a part of the AeroSoc committee since his first year in roles as an Indistrial Liaison and then Vice President. Now as General Secretary Tom manages the day today activities of the society and supports the other comittee members with his extensive experience.
Prior to joining the university Tom studied engineering, maths and physics and The JCB Academy and then spent a Year in Industry at Rolls-Royce Controls and Data Services.

Patricia Ferrer-Dalmau Font


Patricia is a second year Aerospace Engineering EU student. Her role as a social secretary involves the organisation and implementation of social events for AeroSoc, as well as being AeroSoc representative at the MACE (Mechanical Aerospace & Civil Engineering) Socials Committee Team.
Patricia is also a senior member at the Flight Simulation Society. Prior to her studies at the university, Patricia studied at the British School of Barcelona where she was part of the schools head prefect team.

Ravyansh Dayal

Cheif Industrial Liaison

Ravyansh is a fourth year Aerospace Engineering international student from India. His role involves overseeing, managing and organising industrial trips, guest lectures and careers events. He is also responsible for liaising with interested business partners in general and for sponsorships.
He has been with AeroSoc since his first year at University and was President of the society for the term 2015-16. He is also a PASS Leader and an Officer Cadet at the Manchester & Salford Universities Royal Naval Unit. He is also a part of the Library Student Team and a STEM Student Ambassador.

Ka Chun Nicholas Wong

RAeS Representative

Nicholas is a Forth year Aerospace Engineering with Management international student from Hong Kong. His role involves coordinating between AeroSoc and Royal Aeronautical Society(RAeS) and publish monthly newsletter on behalf of RAeS Manchester Branch.
He was the president of Aerosoc for the term 2014-2015 and he is actively involved in Project Phoenix at the Flight Simulation Society.

Mohammed Wali Ashraf Hussain

First Year Rep

Ashraf is a Second Year Aerospace Engineering student from Manchester. As an Industrial Liaison, he acts as a point of contact between the committee and the engineering industry. His main function is to build up the committee’s connections with engineering companies which will lead to events being organised with those companies such as industrial visits.
Ashraf’s secondary role of Careers Officer involves being a source of information for the student body. He uses Aerosoc’s connections to find internship opportunities for its members.

Zair Chaudhry

Industrial Liaison

Zair is a Second Year Aerospace Engineering student from Leeds. His role involves organising visits to engineering companies and co-ordinating guest lectures and other events within the university. He seeks to expand AeroSoc’s industrial profile by building stronger connections within the Aerospace community. He also has plans to introduce a subsidised flight school at the university to help students learn flying. He is also a PASS leader and works for other societies as well.

Arabhi Krishnan

Events coordinator

Arabhi is in her second year of aerospace engineering and she is also a PASS leader. As an events coordinator, she will be involved in coordinating both social and industrial events and in helping with Public Relations. Arabhi is an accomplished dancer who has performed widely and teaches dance to students of all ages.

Charles-Antoine Lassonnery

Public Relations

Charly is a second year Aerospace Engineering student, taking part in Flight Simulation Society as well as being a PASS leader. Being in charge of Public Relations his goal is to make sure that any all students know and take part in the numerous activities and opportunities that we provide. Thus enabling everyone to meet, learn and grow as one cohort.