Meet our 2018/19 committee!

Jason Hitchman


Jason is a third year Aerospace student who joined the society as a first year rep with Elise. His previous role in the society was the Industrial Liaison, and organised industrial visits for the society. In his free time Jason plays guitar in a band and wastes the rest of his time on Netflix.

Elise Potter


Elise is a Third Year Aerospace Engineering student who first joined the AeroSoc committee as a First Year Representative. Last year she was the societies’ General Secretary, where she helped to co-ordinate the society so that social and careers events continue to be provided for its members.

Michael Buckley

General Secretary

Michael is a Fourth Year Aerospace Engineering student in his first year as a member of the AeroSoc committee. He joined the committee to assist other Aerospace Engineering students in preparing for their futures. Through the organisation of careers events, he hopes to help students realise their career ambitions. His own career ambitions include the development of innovative,
low-impact technologies in the aerospace and renewable energy sectors.

Jhashveer Sawon

Industrial Liaison

Jhashveer is a Third Year Aerospace Engineering student from Mauritius. As Industrial Liaison, he has the aim of connecting the students with the key players in the Industry by organising Industrial trips, workshops and by establishing partnerships. He is also working to enable Aerospace Engineering students have a more integrated and insightful experience throughout their course at the University of Manchester.

Jesus Alberto

Industrial Liaison

Jesus is a Third Year Aerospace Engineering student. He is an Industrial Liaison and has been part of the committe since last year when he was a Social Secretary. His roles include providing AeroSoc members with a link to the industry by organising industrial trips etc. Jesus is also a passionate for football and would play every single day if he could. He. Loves. Football.

Alessia Buonincontri

MACE Secretary

Alessia is a 2nd year Aerospace Engineering student, who is part of the society since 2017. During her first year, she cured the hybridization of a rocket motor for the MANSEDs society, and designed a fighter jet for the Flight Simulation Society. She is currently supervisor and Social Sec for Flight Sim.
As AeroSoc MACE Secretary, she will be working on building relations with the Mechanical and Civil departments, making sure everyone gets the best out of their university experience at the school of MACE.
(Ps: Party experience is included in the deal, and we can say we are VERY good at this dab)

Charlie Acres

Social Secretary

“A pretty cool dude”

Mitra Malekghasemi

Social Secretary


Tom Lewis

Web Developer

Tom graduated from the University of Manchester in 2017 with a Bachelors  Degree in Aerospace Engineering. Tom previously held roles as Industrial Liasion, Vice President and General Secretary.

Tom now works as a Hardware and Software Developer for a media company, creating connected camera systems for time-lapse photography.