Meet our 2017/18 committee!

Arabhi Krishnan


Arabhi is a third year aerospace engineering student and was the events coordinator for the society last year. Her role as president is to provide leadership for the society and play a pivotal role in maintaining the reputation of the society as well as the interest of the members. Arabhi is also an accomplished dancer who has performed widely and teaches dance to students of all ages.

Hetesh Pal

Vice President

Hetesh is a third year Aerospace Engineering student, his role as Vice-President includes helping lead the society and coordinating all their activity. He has been a member of AeroSoc since his first year, and led the society last year as President. His vision is to take the society to greater heights of success by making it a more active part of the members lives.

Kavin Kumar


Kavin is a third year Aerospace Engineering student. His role as treasurer involves going to fundraising events and help organising upcoming events with AeroSoc. He has had previous experience as treasurer with Flight Simualtion Society where he is currently Chief Engineer.

Elise Potter

General Secretary

Elise is a Second Year Aerospace Engineering student who first joined the Aerosoc committee as a First Year Representative. Now as General Secretary, Elise helps to co-ordinate the society so that social and careers events continue to be provided for its members. Elise is also a UAV PASS leader and has worked to improve the University’s community outreach programs.

Havana Macpherson

Social Secretary

Hi I’m Hav, I’m in my fourth year and the social sec. My duties mainly include making you engineers have a social life and organising the ball. If you want to chat you can pretty much always find me in the GB computer cluster.

Jesus Alberto

Social Secretary

Jesus is a Second Year Aerospace Engineering student. He is a Social Secretary and has been part of AeroSoc since his first year. His roles include organising the MACE socials such as the end of year ball, as well as the socials for AeroSoc. Jesus is also a passionate for football and would play every single day if he could. He. Loves. Football.

Jason Hitchman

Industrial Liaison

Jason is a second year Aerospace Engineering student. He is one of the Industrial Liaisons whose job is to organise the AeroSoc trips to your future employers. In his free time Jason is part of the engineering rugby team. He also likes to play guitar, go bouldering, and annoy Danny Jackson.

Jhashveer Sawon

Industrial Liaison

Jhashveer is a second year Aerospace Engineering student from Mauritius. As Industrial Liaison, he has the aim of connecting the students with the key players in the Industry by organising Industrial trips, workshops and by establishing partnerships. He is also working to enable Aerospace Engineering students have a more integrated and insightful experience throughout their course at the University of Manchester.

Mitra Malekghasemi

First Year Representitive

Mitra is a first year Aerospace Engineering student. Her role as First Year Representative is to ensure that all first year Aerospace students are made fully aware of the various events held by AeroSoc and to be the liaison between the first year students and executive members of AeroSoc. Mitra also volunteers with Engineers Without Borders and enjoys playing the piano and travelling.


Tom Lewis

Web Developer

Tom graduated from the University of Manchester in 2017 with a Bachelors  Degree in Aerospace Engineering. Tom previously held roles as Industrial Liasion, Vice President and General Secretary.

Tom now works as a Hardware and Software Developer for a media company, creating connected camera systems for time-lapse photography.